Waveful of Memories.

They say time flies fast and I didn't believe it till this year. My sophomore year is breezing by in a blink of an eye.  An another year of my life lost. Well, not lost exactly  more like it was well spent. This was spent gaining memories, making friends,  learning lessons, and enjoying my last... Continue Reading →

The Little Green Monster is My Friend.

Do you remember that new shirt that girl in your class had or maybe the light up sketchers your neighbor kid had? Did your sister receive the present you had coveted for a long time? How about more recently, was there a promotion you were sure you would get only to have it given to... Continue Reading →

The unforgivable act.

          My best friend turned me invisible. Well ok, that's not exactly what happened, but that is how I felt during the weeks for which he ignored me. Granted I probably did deserve it.  Before I started kindergarten my best friend was my neighbor, Sean. We were nearly inseparable. We spent... Continue Reading →

The little purple can that was.

     Earlier this month my family and I were going through old tapes. You know, VHS tapes. Those bulky square things before DVDs were invented. As we were going through them, we found a few tapes where we had put all of our old Christmas's. Each and every one, from about 1997 to 2006.... Continue Reading →

Chewy Gooey Choices

        Imagine this, you're about four or five years old again. Someone you may or may not know has you sit on a stool and then from out of nowhere, they take out a marshmallow. They squat down, place the marshmallow on the table right in front of you, look you dead... Continue Reading →

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